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Our Featured Brands are an affordable alternative to overtaxed and overpriced popular and generic brands. Free-Cigarettes' intention is to provide Free Featured Brand Samples as evidence that quality is not directly related to price.

See which Featured Brand is equivalent to your current brand.

Once you've read about the value of our Featured Brands below, close this window or go back to Free-Cigarettes, get your Free Sample Request Form and send it in! If you decide to buy from us, the prices you see listed are PER CARTON prices!

BRONCO King and 100's - $14.99Broncos Cigarettes
Broncos' King size and 100's are catching on fast. Made in Columbia, they are available in Full Flavor, Light, and Menthol. Some who prefer a strong menthol taste say the menthols are too light. Other menthol smokers like them just fine. Full Flavor and Lights are reported to have a slight herbal twang and to be very enjoyable.

SENECA NY King and 100's - $11.49Seneca NY Cigarettes
Also known as NY Seneca's, they are very popular for their low price and high quality, and because they are additive-free, this cigarette is Native American-made in Canada.

One customer said they have "a robust, but smooth taste. I smoke them now and the last major brand I smoked was Winston Lights. The full flavor NY Seneca's are smoother than the Winston and very satisfying."

Another smoker comments: "I have smoked the NY Seneca's on a regular basis and can say this: They compare very favorably to Marlboro & Winston. You'll find the Seneca (and all the All Natural / Additive Free Blends) have a more full bodied tobacco flavor. They have done an excellent job of blending premium tobaccos to match the flavor of the more expensive Premium Brands without using chemicals and flavoring additives to mask the tobacco or manipulate the taste. I've had a number of folks tell me they actually had withdrawal symptoms switching from smokes with chemicals and additives to the additive free blends."

Most commentaries indicate that the Seneca's tend to the "light side." Menthol Light is pretty close to a Menthol Ultra light in Premium Brands.

GT ONE King and 100's - $14.99GT One Cigarettes
GT-One includes a non-filter choice! The GT One, which is made in Greece, tends to be a milder cigarette and is preferred by some smokers for that reason. One member, comparing the GT One with NY Seneca's said, "I have only smoked a pack or two of the GT One and found it a bit too light for my taste."

OPAL 120's - $14.99Opal 120 Cigarettes
The extra long OPAL cigarettes have an elegant look and are known for their smooth, mild taste and selected quality tobaccos. Now available in Full Flavor, Light, Ultra Light, Menthol, and Menthol Light. Virginia Slim, Capri, Eve and Misty smokers will be pleased to know there's finally an affordable alternative. This is one of our newest and most popular brands.

DESERT SUN King and 100's - $10.99 Desert Sun Cigarettes
We're waiting for smokers' reviews of this new brand.
TRY IT and tell us about it!


UNIFY King and 100's - $10.99 Unify Cigarettes
We're waiting for smokers' reviews of this new brand.
TRY IT and tell us about it!

NIAGARA'S King and 100's - $10.99 Niagara Cigarettes
Full Flavor is a smooth, strong flavor. Marlboro Red smokers like these. Lights taste like Marlboro Light Kings or Winston Light 100's.

One smoker said, "the Niagara Lights taste exactly like a Marlboro Light King." And yet another, that the Full-Flavor Niagara has a "premium taste." Niagaras get good general reviews from most smokers.

TUCSON King and 100's - $11.49Tuscon Cigarettes
Here's what the Discount Cigarettes Shopping Guide Newsletter had to say about Tucson cigarettes:
Tucson 100 Full Flavor: Length: 3 7/8 inches (99 mm), filter 1 13/16 inch. Our "tamp down" test yielded about 1/8 inch compression. Renegade Tobacco Co., Winston-Salem, NC is a new manufacturer on the scene. (We've not yet heard of any ties to one of the may be a truly independent maker.) Also, we're not aware of any other brands they might be making. We can say, however, that their effort with the Tucson brand is very, very good.

The tobacco in the cigarette is medium to dark in color, and is nearly all long-cut ribbons. We found no stem chunks or any foreign material mixed in.

All in all, we are really enthusiastic about Tucson. It has been a while since we've tried a new brand that we liked as much. It is not yet being carried by many of the online dealers, and your chances of finding it in your local supermarket are still pretty close to zip. But, if you're looking for something that costs about half (or less) of your current premium brand-and tastes and smokes every bit as good-you should make the effort to try this one. A definite " thumbs up." (We tried the Menthol Light, too. It's just as good.)".

King and 100's - $10.99
Kingsley Cigarettes
Recommended for Marlboro smokers.

Taste tests show the very cheap Kingsley to be a big favorite with the testers. Participants raved about its taste and said it was comparable to Marlboros. We warmly recommend this brand especially to Marlboro smokers who would like to save a lot and enjoy a great cigarette.